Praise Report: Protection From Possible Fire

Dear Friends and Ministry Partners,

We are grateful to the Lord that He has protected Michelle and her dad in our Ministry Center in Bulgaria ??. Yesterday the water went completely off in the village. This made the water pump, which helps with the water pressure, burn out and almost put the whole house to fire.

We are currently assessing the damage which has been caused to the water system in the Ministry Center and praying that everything could be replaced while they are in Bulgaria. The initial assessment of the situation shows that the pump will have to be replaced as well as the main pipes bringing water into the Ministry Center. We will keep you updated as we know more information.

Thank you for your prayers and support. Our team which is working on the house needs prayer for emotional strength, wisdom and favor as they have faced a variety of obstacles while working on the Ministry Center. We feel this is an attack of the enemy to slow us down and to put hindrances before us in completing the project. However, we are trusting God for the project of preparing the Ministry Center to be completed without any further delays and that all the resources needed for this will come in timely.